2010-present - Music Teacher at the Aix-Marseille Academy

2009-2010 - Audiovisual Technician, animator and artist in association with social and artistic vocation (DARA), Marseille

2008-2009 - Researcher in vocal interaction and robotics at the
Institute for Intelligent Systems and Robotics (ISIR), university Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris

2007-2008 - Researcher in computer science and sound synthesis at the computer lab for mechanical and engineering (LIMSI) CNRS in Orsay

2005-2007 - Researcher in analysis and automatic classification of speech at the University of Tel Aviv

2001-2005 - Ph.D. in Computer Music Research Laboratory of Mechanics and Acoustics (LMA) CNRS in Marseille

2002-2004 - Research Assistant, studio, composition and pedagogy in a national center for musical creation (GMEM) to Marseille

2001-2002 - Music teacher in primary school in Marseille

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